-Technical Studies Department:

  1. Vital Functions Group.
  2. Anesthesiology and Gases G.
  3. Imaging and Medical Diagnoltic G.
  4. Laboratory Group.
  5. Steriliping and Kidney Washing G.
  6. Main Services Group.
  7. Healthy Facilities Group.
  8. Clinics Group.
  9. Operations and Endoscopic Surgery G.

-Maintenance Department:

  1. Incubators and Electro-Surgery Epuip. Workshop.
  2. Anethesia Equip. Workshop.
  3. Vital Functions and Cardiac Equip. WS.
  4. Radiography Equip. Workshop.
  5. Ophthalmology ,ENT and Endoscopy WS.
  6. Ultra-Sound Equip. Workshop.
  7. Physiotherapy Equip. Workshop.
  8. Sterilizing Equip. Workshop.
  9. Dialysis Equip. Workshop.
  10. Surgical operations Equip. Workshop.
  11. Services Workshop.
  12. Laundry and Kitchens Equip. Workshop.
  13. Laboratory Equip. Workshop.
  14. Spare-Parts Store.

-Metrolgy and Calibration Department:

  1. Merrology and Calibration lab.
  2. Radiation Protection Office RPSO.

-Training and Informatics Department:

-Employees Office:

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