Directorate of Drug Studies
Directorate of Studies is one of the pharmaceutical drug four directorates of the Department of the Ministry of Health, namely, (Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Department of Control Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Research, the Directorate of Drug Control, Department of Pharmaceutical Studies) and follow these departments directly to the Associate Minister of Health of Drug Affairs, which was issued making a regulatory decision Directorate drug studies in 1993 where they were before the Secretariat of the Technical Committee of the drug and then turned to the Directorate of drug studies, which is one of the functions of the Secretariat of the Commission
Because quality is a priority for the Ministry of Health, the application of quality management system of the Directorate is an opportunity for improvement and development, in order to take advantage of the characteristics of this system is to improve performance as well as for the dissemination of experience in the Ministry of Health. The number of employees in the Directorate of drug studies 12, and they are distributed as follows: 4 degree, 3 Institute of average, 5 below the average of the Institute

1. Directorate will prepare topics to be discussed in the Technical Committee of the drug in a regular weekly meeting chaired by the Minister of Health, and the membership of each of the :
- Assistant to the Minister of Health for pharmacy and medicine. (Captain pharmacists).
- General Manager of Tamiko (a company manufacturing pharmaceutical sector) (Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy).
- Director of Pharmaceutical Studies (Secretary of the Technical Committee of the drug). (Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs).
- Director of Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Research Oversight (Director of Drug Control).
- Director General of Aldemas (a company manufacturing pharmaceutical sector). (Such as from the Medical Association).
- General manager of foreign trade. (The government agency responsible for the import of medicines).
This committee meets weekly to Draspmoadia received by the Directorate of drug studies (as the Secretariat of the Committee), the Directorate is coordinating these topics for presentation at the meeting of the Technical Committee. Where these topics are either from the directorates of the other three drugs, or by factor of medicines, make resolutions at the meeting of the Technical Committee, the Directorate of Studies and then notify the pharmaceutical content of these resolutions to the parties concerned

And discusses the technical committee of the drug following topics:
- Preparations for the First Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical that are ready for placing on the market Almhalipalthouderat First Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical that are ready to put in the local markets
- Topics related to General Organization of Foreign Trade, the institution responsible for the import of medicines into the local markets.
- Assessment of local pharmaceutical plants.
- Forms, information about the foreign laboratories, which will be importing from it.
- The addition of new pharmaceutical drugs to the list of national and, after a question of medical associations and the need for the country as well as having to prepare a technical study by the Committee on Professional Aldrasa T in the ministry.
- View files of the local manufacturing of Cosmetics for approval of the file: and pricing contained therein
- Different subjects and the public that are received from other entities.
2. Report the content of the records of the Technical Committee to the concerned authorities.
3. Report factor drugs approved by the Ministry of Health on the export of medicines and after it is ascertained in conformity with the specifications and to ensure completion of all required documents (in collaboration with the Directorate of Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Research Oversight).
4. Local pharmaceutical pricing through the pricing committee, chaired by Deputy Minister of Health for medicine and a member of: (Director of Studies Aldoaiipusiadlp number 2 of the Directorate of drug studies).
5. Prepare a technical study of the products imported to be recorded in the country, such as medicines and drugs Sunni These include the technical study: the chemical composition of the product and caliber, the name of the manufacturer, Indications, side effects Almchabhatt world and presented to the Technical Committee of the drug in case of approval is sent samples to laboratories for analysis.
6. Preparation of books to the medical associations and linkages to the question about the need for the country to manufacture products which contain new drug or the need for pharmaceutical imports.
7. Add pharmaceuticals approved in the Technical Committee on the classification of drugs by drug factions belong to the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical form
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