Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affiars

Dealing with matters of registration of the drug and licensed and imported
The total number of establishments, pharmaceutical (60) in 2007
The number of Group Certified ISO (50) plant until 1/5/2007

1. Technical supervision of the import and export of medicines and registration of imported baby food, pesticides, cosmetics, household
2. Registration of imported medicines and local communities and coordinate the work of the functional commissions of the various studies on drug
3. Pointing to the import bills of medicines and pharmaceutical products registered with the Ministry of Health of the assets, whether public or private sector
4. Study the files of local pharmaceutical
5. Supervision of the medical use of narcotic drugs and control laws and regulations related
6. Department of Informatics Department of the local pharmaceutical logs on the computer and the preparation of statistics and drug studies
7. The development of statistics and drug studies and follow-up drug registration in the local computer information section
8. The central pharmacy which sells cancer drugs and medicines, kidney transplantation and vaccines for citizens

A volume licensing local pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical laboratories are licensed and subject to control by the Ministry of Health
1. Make the first paper factory (request) containing the desired composition of the drug and have a similar global and if he was on the list of essential medicines is a list of drugs by national and sequence counting system license is not accepted
2. Request technical dossier of the drug includes ten technical papers
3. Examine this file: by a specialized scientific committee of pharmacists and doctors
4. File: if accepted, be forwarded to the Pricing Committee and then a decision of the Technical Committee of the drug preliminary approval
5. Submit samples for laboratory analysis in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health and when compliance with the constitutional world is issuance of the license assets of the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs

Information Section
The technical team work task automation information including the licensing of pharmaceutical medicine (license number, brand name _ _ _ the chemical composition of price) and follow-up study of modern pharmaceutical compositions and pharmacological effects have been linked to databases to Excel is follow the movement of binders in terms of study and the assignment of the pricing and initial approval and registration approval Kdlk subtraction of the products licensed and disclosure note that the automation program, drug information has been in collaboration with the World Health Organization

Registration Section of imported medicines
Registration of medicines is imported after a technical examination and approval of the Technical Committee of the drug is being sought to renew the certificate of origin of the product every five years and be marked on the prior import bills and the hyphen and detection Alnmazj medical and scientific offices

Registrar of botanical medicine and health products and cooked Alemtemmat
These preparations are manufactured by factories licensed by the Ministry of Industry or to be imported through stores licensed medicines under the provisions of resolution 24 / T in 2004. Request is a technical dossier of the product with samples of the study where it is installed so that the study of sound and secure content

Department of notation on the invoices of imported raw materials
Be marked on the proforma invoice and the hyphen materials for pharmaceutical drug laboratories and warehouses duly licensed medicines, where you must fulfill the following conditions in the company, including importer:
1. She holds a certificate of GMP
2. She holds a certificate of quality
3. Some material requires import of the plant the plant assets (hormones, vitamins _ _ antibiotics(
4. Allocations approved imported quantities of the industry (table of provisions)
5. And, the role of the Ministry of Health is to agree technical scientific quality of the material imported pharmaceuticals and to make sure documents and import bills (certificate of origin _ a certificate of analysis)

Export of pharmaceuticals
Be marked on the proforma invoice and hyphenation of materials for pharmaceutical drug laboratories and warehouses duly licensed medicines, where you must fulfill the following conditions in the company imported, including:
1. To obtain an export license from the Division of fundamentalist record of the issuing company
2. Approval of the Technical Committee on Export
3. Analyzing the product from an informant, Drug and obtain acceptable results

Narcotics Division
1. Regulate the trade of the project narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for medical use
2. Discharge control of narcotic substances in: hospitals, pharmacies _ _ warehouses and points of sale of medicines factor Varamax (General Establishment for Foreign Trade).
3. Granting a license exchange of drugs for patients
4. Agreeing to the import and export clearance of drugs and psychotropic substances
5. Regulate the import of precursor chemicals
6. International statistics and cooperation with the International Bureau to the control of drugs in Vienna

Central Pharmacy
1. The sale of medicines and cancer drug kidney transplantation, vaccines, and some generic drugs
2. Distribution of medicines to staff under the recipes from the medical staff.
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