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EWARS Week Bulletin 

Ministry of Health Tasks

Biography of the Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Muhammad Al-Ghabash

 - Born in Damascus in 1971. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Human Medicine from Damascus University in 1998 and continued his specialization in ear, nose and throat diseases and head and neck surgery at Al-Mouwasat University Hospital until 2002.

 Member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, 2003.

 - He was certified by the Arab Board and obtained experience certificates from Belgium, Switzerland and Spain in specialties such as cochlear implants, microscopic ear surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery.

 - Founding member of the Arab Society of Rhinologists in Cairo.

 - Member of the Syrian Board and Head of the Training Committee for Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases since 2017.

 - He was elected president of the Syrian Association of Otolaryngologists from 2014 to 2019/ and was elected president of the Damascus Doctors Syndicate in 2019/.

 Supervising Specialist Physician at Al-Mouwasat University Hospital, training postgraduate students and giving clinical lessons to human medicine students since 2003.

 He is married and has two sons (a son and a daughter).

 Minister of Health in the previous government.



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