Ministry of Health Tasks
Ministry of Health is the leader of the Health Sector In the Syrian Arabic Republic.
The minister of Health is Dr. Nizar Yazigi, and with his supervision the ministry is committed to achieve the following tasks:
1. Supervising all the health affairs and its organizations, and  coordinating among them.
2. Providing health care services and its tools to the citizens, and monitoring them in order to assure social equity and copping with the scientific development.
3. Executing population studies, suggesting policies, promoting  reproductive health, family planning and MCH.
4. Providing safe and effective drugs , monitoring the locally produced and imported drugs, continuing the development of the national drug industry according to international standards.
5. Regulating the raw material and chemical product industry and its trading.
6. Preventing from the communicable and environment diseases and controlling them.
7. Excuting programmes concerning non-communicable diseases and controlling these diseases.
8. Promoting mental and psycological health services.
9. Excuting programmes concerning the elderly health activities .
10. Promoting and developing the nursing profession, the nursing  services, establishing schools and institutes that are needed , and supervising them.
11. Promoting and developing disaster preparedness and emergency.
12. Encouraging healthy life styles and behaviours and promoting them through health education.
13. Participating in setting up standards for promoting professional safety .
14. Adopting information system as an essential methodology for planning and development.
15. Preparing research which contribute in developing the health performance.
16. Continuously developing for the health administrative performance.
17. Developing the needed human resources for achieving the ministry s gools and adopting standards for medical and health specialities.
18. Promoting the procedures of  health services quality insurance .
19. Granting licences to health facilities for the medical professional according to accreditation standards.
20. Granting certification to health institutions according to the accreditation standards .
21. Contracting treaties (Arab and international) in coordination with the concerned parties and following up its implementation. 
22. Review and revise laws , decrees , regulations related to the health  sector and propose them to the relevant government body for approval.   
23. Revising and modernize health sector strategies and strategic plans and follow-up their application.
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